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How to Book

   1.   Call or email to check our calendar of events.
   2.  Share some details  (Location, # of Guests, Theme, etc)
   3.  We'll return an Event Confirmation form which outlines your event details
   4.  Reply by email and submit retainer online or by phone,  and you are locked in

Donations & Fund Raisers
We feel strongly about giving back to the community that has helped to build our business.  Call early to ask about donations and fund-raising opportunities.  We support a number of charitable events throughout the year, and offer a discount rate for schools, fundraisers, and not-for-profit events. 

2017 Charitable Events
     Columbus Youth Foundation Awards
    Tyler's Light Foundation
     Flying Horse Farms
     Primrose Academy Fundraiser for Children's Hunger Network


Rates are per artist &  apply for any of our services, or combination of services except Airbrush  T Shirts
1.5 hours:  $185

2 hours:  $215

3 hours:  $300
4 hours:  $385

You Invite the Guests ... We'll Bring the Fun!

Face Painter in Columbus

Options - We have Options

Yes, you can combine any* of our services, and we will split our time between them (*except Airbrush T Shirts - please see pricing grid below for Airbrush T Shirt or Party Favor Art)

Birthday Party package of Balloons AND Face Painting:  one hour and 30 minutes is perfect for up to 15 children. 

Have a large group?   Ask us to make something super special for the Birthday  child, and then "pick up the pace" for the rest of the crowd.  We have super-fast cheek art available. 

Have a really large crowd?   Switch to Airbrush,  and each temp 'tattoo'' or face paint requires only  1-2 MINUTES- really!

Our rates are per artist, regardless of the service, or number of guests.  A handful of talented artists work for Events by Maddy and are available for your event. 

(614) 398-8172

Airbrush T Shirts or Party Favor* Prices:

#1.  You provide the T-Shirt or Favor:  $150, choose:
        A) FAST  (color background and name), up to 20 items
        B) DESIGNER (background image or pattern & name) up to 12 items
#2  We provide the T Shirts or Favor:  $250, choose:
      A) FAST  (color background and name), 20 items
      B) DESIGNER (background image or pattern & name) up to 15 items

 * Party Favors:  can include caps, totes, socks,  shorts, etc 

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