We are FAST
We are attentive to your time budget, and adjust our balloons to make sure every child can get a balloon in a reasonable amount of time.

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"Maddy was superb! All of our guests were fascinated by her creations. I don't think I have ever seen such a talented balloon artist". -Sandra L, Dublin, OH (gig ID# 1107652)

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Balloon Twisting in Columbus, OH

We are Flexible
Some kids want the same balloon as their buddies - others want a balloon that is uniquely their own - we are OK with all requests.  We don't mind repeating the same balloon (even if they really just want a sword), and we love the chance to invent new balloons.

Face Painter in Columbus

Balloon Party Q&A
Do you make all of these at the party?
It depends on the party - and your budget. 
 - Do you have a budget?  We have display boards of super fast but still super cool designs for the kiddos to choose from.

 - Do we have more time?  Then there's no limit - we can make anything out of balloons!
What about that Goofy or Princess Castle?
We bring a special, pre-made balloon for the guest of honor.  If there is a party theme, or favorite cartoon character, let us know - we'll bring this as a special birthday gift.

My kids love balloons - can you teach them?
Yes!  We frequently perform Balloon University at parties where we teach you how to make balloon animals.  We bring pre-inflated balloons and walk you through some basic instructions and then together create some crazy fun balloons.

We are FUN!
Almost anyone can be a balloon machine;  stand there and just pop out one balloon after another.  But we have fun and interact with your guests, because we love what we do. 

You Invite the Guests ... We'll Bring the Fun!

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