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Airbrush Tattoos in Columbus

Click on images below to see our standard airbrush display board and examples of custom interest pages

No electricity required!  Our custom-built portable kit requires no electricity and fits on a 4x4 table.  Simply provide space in a well-lit area, and we are good to go!

Huge Selection & Custom Designs
With over 200 designs, we have something for everyone!   Our well organized system makes it easy to quickly prep your tattoo for spraying.
* Plus we make custom stencils with a die-cut machine, so we can easily turn your logo or your interests into a personalized tatt for your event.

Airbrush Tatts are FAST!
Airbrush Tatts are the best way to entertain a large crowd quickly, because our tatts take only a minute to apply - really!  And that's with multiple colors of YOUR choice..

You Invite the Guests ... We'll Bring the Fun!