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Everything you ever wanted to know about booking any of our services, and then some:

How many faces can you paint in an hour?
You can expect a professional face painter to accommodate approximately 12-15 full-faces per hour.  That's close to 3-4 minutes per face. 

Why does it take 3-4 minutes?
We paint fast - I mean, we book it!  But little people take some extra time to get in and out of our chair, tell us what they want to be painted as, their favorite color, what they had for breakfast, and what mom told the hairdresser.  You get the idea.

What about the balloons, how fast can you make balloons?
Our balloons selection can require as little as 1 minute each, or as much as 3 minutes each. 
How many balloons we make is determined by you and your budget.  We strive to make as many of the coolest and funnest (is that a word?) balloons with the time allowed.

How does the face paint come off?
We use only water-based cosmetics designed for use on the skin, so warm water and mild soap works great.  Dry skin will absorb some of the pigment, so use a moisturizer to lift the pigment from the skin.

Do you wear a costume?
No, we leave that to the professionals with the red-noses.
We're happy to accommodate a theme by adapting our balloons, face paintings or temp tattoos with your logo or theme designs, and we'll even don holiday or theme attire, to a point.  We wear our snazzy company uniform (our company shirt) and dress pants or capris;  neat and tidy. 

Do you donate to charity events?
YES, and thank you for asking!
Everyone at Special Events feels very strongly about supporting the community that supports us.
We budget over $1,000 annually in-kind donations to non-profit organizations, including:
  Jerry Garver YMCA
  Earth Angels Foundation

What's the scoop on your travel fee?
Seriously, we love a road trip!  And with family and friends in almost every state, we've taken bookings all over the country.  If we can't be at your event, we are bound to know a very talented artist in your area.  Give us a call and ask.

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